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Jeep Wrangler Freedom Top vs ClearLidz

Jeep Wrangler Freedom Top vs Clearlidz

Just imagine that you’re exploring the snow-capped mountains in your four-wheeler on a breezy sunny day with the top off.  If only it could last, right? As we all know, the weather doesn’t always play along. Wouldn’t it be great not to have top bother with changing your top for a rain shower or to escape prolonged exposure to the blistering sun?

If you’ve ever gone on a trip in your Jeep, you already know about the importance of Jeep top options on the road. Primarily there are hard tops, soft tops, freedom tops, and ClearLidz, – all of them having their own advantages. A lot of fun options are available and there are several specialty top manufacturers to choose from, like the Smittybilt 4-Door Bowless Soft Black Diamond Back Top for the Wrangler JK or their Premium Soft Top With Tinted Windows 4-Door model, as well as the Quadratop Premium Sailtop Soft Top. Then there’s the Bestop Trektop NX Soft Top and the Bestop Header Safari Bikini Top. And, of course, the Sierra Offroad Jeep Wrangler TJ Soft Top 97-02 in Black Denim with Tinted Windows. All good options, but as we know, soft tops wear down and the mechanical aspects can breakdown in functionality.

There are several things one must consider before selecting an ideal choice for long-term use. A Jeep Wrangler freedom top that works perfectly for one person may not serve the same purpose for your needs. Follow us through this article and I’ll try my best to answer each possible query and compare Clearlidz and freedom Jeep tops.

The freedom top and the Clearlidz top are somewhat similar in terms of some features. However, Clearlidz have an overall edge over the Jeep freedom hardtop headliner. Some of the features of both have been listed below.

Clear Jeep Wrangler Top for JK 

UV Protection

The freedom top is like a hard top, but can be rolled back. It gives you more freedom to enjoy the direct sunlight and the breeze. The only problem is that what started as an intimate ride with your sweetheart or a buddy as a vroom down a country road can end up as a red-blistered ouch-fest in just under an hour or so.

The ClearLidz is a transparent polycarbonate that provides full-fledged, complete UV protection. Worry no more and enjoy unlimited overhead visibility without the sunburn or the sizzle..


The Jeep freedom tops are heavy and sturdy. They are much like the hard tops when pulled down, so it quickly heats up inside on a warm sunny day. But you can’t really put it on or take it off on your own. It takes time and an appointment as your local dealer, and of course some moulah to get it done.

Clearlidz, however, is easy-on and easy-off accessory that doesn’t necessarily require a professional to put on or take off. It’s manufactured with a specially-formulated, light-filtering polycarbonate that significantly reduces the interior heat of your Jeep, keeping it, and you, a few notches cooler than the outside. You can enjoy the sun on your skin through the Clearlidz without feeling sweaty and hot.


We’ve previously mentioned the freedom top feature of being able to roll back the top when desired. The constant wear and tear can tend to work away at the integrity of the material edges. This can result in leaks and water seeps in the interior after extended rolling and unrolling. This can result in leaks during a shower, a sudden snowstorm or overhead wash.

The ClearLidz tops are specially made to be flexible and tough. Tough enough to put on and detach without issue over a thousand times, and without any noticeable wear and tear factor. Owing to the durable polycarbonate glass, there’s no chance that it will get loose from the edges like the freedom tops or end up leaking. The ClearLidz are leak proof, keeping you and your Jeep-loving crew cozy and dry.

The Clear ClearLidz tops have yet another advantage over the freedom top, though. They stand up to long-term use without any real wear and tear. The quality and integrity of the ClearLidz material and construction, moreover, surpass all other soft tops. Furthermore, ClearLidz tops are bulletproof, quicker and easier to install, reduce internal temperature, are very lightweight, offer greater visibility, are weatherproof, and shatterproof.

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