Clear Top vs. Wrangler Bikini Top

Jeep enthusiasts are always seeking out new and upcoming information on ways to enhance the performance and appearance of their vehicle—it’s one of the many joys of being a Jeep owner. In this article, we will be discussing the differences between our Wrangler clear top and Wrangler Bikini tops. We’ll be covering the main contending points: durability, functionality, maintenance, and life expectancy.

Wrangler Bikini Tops

A common Jeep Wrangler off-road part for JK models, Wrangler Bikini tops provide that thrill of open-air wonder by removing the fully enclosed feeling, since they do not cover the back and sides like traditional soft tops. Their functionality is prominent in this component and the fact that they not only cost less but are easy to install. Additionally, depending on your model, you can tuck them away on trips for more versatile open-air experience.

Bikini top durability, maintenance, and life expectancy tend to go hand-in-hand. Although they are durable enough to keep out general rainfall, you cannot use Bikini tops as an all-seasons lid. Similar to other soft tops, Bikini top maintenance requires hand cleaning and careful storage to prolong their life. Keeping the top clean is key to avoiding holes, abrasions, and stains to the top, as well as reducing accidental window scratches.

ClearLidz™ Top

Our polycarbonate clear tops are challenging the soft top world. We designed ClearLidz™ to be lightweight so that individual owners could install their top in a matter of minutes. We took its functional design a step further when we made the latching system in perfect partnership with the factory windshield. Its transparent UV filtering design allows glorious scenic views from 180-degrees while letting drivers roll the windows down for the same open-air feeling as a soft top, without the hindrance of sight or concern about off-road projectiles.

In terms of durability, maintenance, and life expectancy, ClearLidz™ is the quality king. Our polycarbonate lid is not only bulletproof, but it is also an all-season accessory. No matter the trail you choose, you can experience it in full and enjoy easy clean-up. Unlike soft tops, ClearLidz™ tops are carwash-friendly, so you can enjoy more time on the trails and less time on maintenance.

All our ClearLidz™ product are long-lasting, making them the perfect addition to your Jeep.