Jeep Off-Road Trails

Taking your Wrangler off-road is one of the highlights of owning a jeep. That’s why ClearLidz™ has prepared a list of some of the most impressive and beautiful Jeep off-road trails.

The ClearLidz™ polycarbonate translucent top provides a full 180-degree view of the sights while protecting you from projectiles on the rougher trails. Clouds, stars, mountains, and more— ClearLidz™ is your window to nature’s wonders. Our product presents the extraordinary opportunity to experience the beauty of the outdoors from the UV protected and temperature regulated setting of your jeep. If you needed any more convincing on why ClearLidz™ should be one of your Jeep Wrangler off road accessories and not just a summer top, this list is sure to do the job for you.

Sand Flats Recreation Area – Moab, UT

First on our list is one of the more commonly known trails for veteran trailblazers. The Sand Flats is a popular 9,000-acre mecca for Jeep Wrangler owners. Offering trails for all skill levels, this destination is open all year round and is prime for scenic off-roading. Providing multiple outdoor activities, the Sand Flats is a great choice for an off-road adventure.

Badlands Off-Road Park – Attica, IN

With more than 800 acres of contrasting and divergent terrain, the Badlands is home to various forms of off-road tracks. From wooded trails, gravel, and mud to dunes and quarries, the Badlands has it all. Turn your trail day into a vacation—Badlands offers everything from fully equipped houses to off trail camping sites making it an ideal place for family adventures.

Hollister Hills – Hollister, CA

Sporting, winding trails that feature over 24 miles of the Salinas Valley and Gabilan Mountains, Hollister Hills is California’s first SVRA (State Vehicular Recreation Area). Besides the beauty of the bending mountain trails, this destination also hosts a man-made mud bog that brings weekend crowds to watch even the most experienced off-roaders attempt to complete the course.

Rubicon Trail – El Dorado National Forest, CA

A common bucket list destination for most Jeep off-road trail enthusiasts, this roughly 22-mile trail is one of the most beautiful and difficult trails to trek. Cutting through El Dorado National Forest and along the west side of Lake Tahoe, this trail is a mix of soft dirt, large boulders, granite slabs, and sharp rocks. This is a breath-taking trail but requires appropriate preparation to keep yourself and your Jeep in good health.

Alpine Loop – Silverton, CO

Known for its natural beauty, it’s no surprise Colorado would be on this list. This 63-mile trail is one of the more relaxed and easygoing for Jeep Wranglers and provides some truly unique views. The Historic Scenic Byway and Alpine Loop pass through several historic ghost towns while also providing the beauty of the San Juan mountains.

If you’re looking for a good reason to put your ClearLidz™ Jeep Wrangler off-road accessories to use, this list of awesome adventures is your answer.