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10% discount to Military and First Responders, contact us for more details

10% discount to Military and First Responders, contact us for more details

Best Jeep Top 2018

Best Jeep Top 2018

When it comes to off-roading adventures, nothing’s better than a Jeep Wrangler to fill out the fun factor of a road trip. With so many types of Jeep tops available on the market, each one having its own specialized application, the Jeep ClearLidz covers almost all of these applications with its unique design, while allowing better visibility than any other hard or soft top available.

In  a market already crammed with traditional and movable Jeep tops, there are lots of fine options out there for Jeep Wranglers, JK, TJ, and JL models: from the Mopar 3-piece Freedom top, the Jeetop sunroof hard top, Smittybilt Safari hardtop, or the Bestop Sunrider, to the slanted DV8 Offroad Ranger Fast Back Hard Top. Clearlidz wanted to produce something more compact, transparent and lightweight that would fill a certain void among the other Jeep top options. Our manufacturing process allows us to create a feature-rich top which would be strong, reliable, extremely lightweight, easy to put on or take off, while offering features that most tops usually fail to deliver. The result is the ClearLidz Jeep hardtop.

Who is it for?

ClearLidz Jeep tops are interchangeable tops that are super-lightweight yet resilient. They have been specifically designed for anyone looking forward to having a strong Jeep top that also provides maximum visibility. Whether you spend your time offroading in the mountains, commuting through the city to work, or if you find yourself often taking the scenic route. This is the ultimate hardtop accessory. Overall, ClearLidz top will enhance anyone’s driving experience who is fortunate enough to try one first hand.

Clearlidz JT Clear Jeep top

Special features

ClearLidz tops are specially designed by keeping the customer’s point of view in mind. Unlike other top manufacturing companies, Clearlidz provides the widest array of features at an unusually affordable price. A few have been highlighted here.

  • Lightweight/Durable

The clear ClearLid tops are made from a tough, flexible 6mm AR polycarbonate, a material used for fighter canopies because of the strength and durability it provides. Therefore, these tops are lightweight as powerful as bulletproof.

  • UV protection

These revolutionary transparent hard tops have built-in UV inhibitors that provide complete protection from harmful UV rays. Enjoy the warmth of the sunshine while not having to worry about harmful ultraviolet rays. It’s like a pair of sunglasses for your Jeep!

  • Temperature control

The ClearLidz polycarbonate tops prevent heating up your Jeep interior, keeping the temperature of you and your Jeep relatively lower than outside temperatures. Moreover, if your Jeep is a closed-panel model, this means you can also run the AC while retaining full visibility, unlike the topless or soft-top experience.

  • Easy installation and removal

Installation and removal is a snap! This ClearLid hard top is lightweight and allows for its easy, fast installation and removal on your own, and with much less hassle compared to other removable Jeep tops. The majority of Jeep tops on the market today require a significant amount of time to put on and take off.

Weatherproof and safe

Thanks to ClearLidz, whether it’s a sunny or a rainy day, you don’t have to think twice before going out. It’s designed such to keep the rain out of the interior. Clear ClearLid tops are also bulletproof, shatterproof, tinted and allow for full visibility under virtually any conditions imaginable.

Why you should buy it

After being in business for over three decades, we at Clearlidz understand our customers. We provide user-friendly Jeep top solutions that don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. All of our products are aimed to provide features that most Jeep tops fail to deliver. It is rare to find such structural design, built quality, durability, and features at this price. The beautiful aesthetics of the ClearLid hard top is an added bonus.

Final word

Whether it’s tooling around in the mid-day sun or roaming the mountainside during a spectacular summer rainstorm, ClearLidz tops are the transparent answer to the full Jeep visual experience. They have been designed to give the ultimate flexibility and visibility for any conditions while keeping style at a premium. 

By Chase O'Connor September 16th, 2018