Jeep Hard Top vs ClearLidz

If you have landed on this post, two things are almost certain, one that you are the proud owner of a Jeep and secondly, you can’t decide between a ClearLidz top and a hard top for it.

There are two possibilities, maybe you currently have an open Jeep or the last top you had is now damaged. This post explains how a ClearLidz Jeep wrangler top is different than a regular hard top. Follow this post, I’ll help you make up an informed decision regarding your next top. I will compare both sides by side for you so you can make a final choice,

Clear Jeep Wrangler Hard top

Temperature control

The ClearLidz tops are made up of polycarbonate, which serves as a durable shielding as well as provides utmost insulation throughout the year. It keeps out the heat and the UV rays and protects you during the summers.

Hard tops are made up of thick material and warm up quickly from the inside. They are suitable for colder climates but for a day out in the sun? I don’t think so!


ClearLidz installation hardly takes an hour. All you need to do is place the LID on top of the windshield and snap the side beams. See how easy it is?

On the other hand, hard tops are not that easy to install. They are not only hard to install but also very time-consuming. The installation instructions for hard tops vary from Jeep to Jeep but the majority of the times you will need the help of an expert in the installation of the hard top.

Detachable tops

ClearLidz is easy to install and even easier to detach. The removal hardly takes any time. You don’t have to be an expert in Jeeps to figure the simple instructions manual out. LID tops can be removed to enjoy the sun kissing your skin or you could put it back if it’s raining too hard and you don’t want to be drenched. It’s all about your personal choice as well as weather conditions.

The hard top cannot be removed. Imagine a beautiful sunny day and you are out in the mountains in your Jeep. The top is blocking the view and the sun. Unfortunately, it’s permanent and there’s not much that can be done about it. So you cannot just remove the hard top, whenever you feel like it like you can with ClearLidz.

Rolling Windows

Windows rolling down seems like an insignificant detail, but an important decisive factor when selecting an ideal top for your Jeep. The windows for the ClearLidz can be rolled down easily to enjoy the wind and the drive. Plus it gives a good view but what about the view from the hard top of the Jeep? Is it good? Unfortunately, it’s nonexistent!

Which Jeep top to buy

You can probably see my inclination towards the ClearLidz tops in the article above. That is because I have been using a lot of Jeep wrangler tops for quite a time now. However, make sure to consider the above benefits before selecting the best choice for you.