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10% discount to Military and First Responders, contact us for more details

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Soft Top vs ClearLidz

Dear proud Jeep owner, imagine this:

It’s a beautiful summer day and you want to go out in your Jeep with your new ClearLidz Jeep top. You drive to your desired spot and relax. On the ride back, it rains, and you enjoy the view from the ClearLidz without getting wet. A great drive with no downside. In other words, a day well spent.

Now let’s change the Jeep top in the same scenario. Imagine a Jeep with a traditional soft top in the same weather. You are driving and suddenly you see tiny droplets of rain on your windscreen. It starts pouring and before you can find shade, you and your Jeep seats are now both getting drenched.

This is just one illustration of how the ClearLidz top compares in real-world situations.

The Soft Top / ClearLidz™ Comparison

There is a wide array of differences between the ClearLidz flexi-hard-top and available Jeep soft tops, with the former having an overall edge. Let’s highlight some of them in detail:

  • The Jeep top material used

A soft top for a Jeep, as the name suggests, is soft. It is made up of basic fabric which means that it will run down faster than a hardtop due to structural deterioration at the edges. Soft tops often last for a year or two, but stain and fray after a while.

However, a ClearLidz top is made up of a tough, flexible polycarbonate, a material used for making fighter jet canopies. Considering the high-grade material and advanced stitching, ClearLidz are one step ahead in terms of material and durability.     

  • Maintenance

Another problem with Jeep Wrangler soft tops is the maintenance factor. Owing to the material being fabric, they need regular care and cleaning. It’s a hassle to clean with soap and brush regularly, but not cleaning for a while leads to permanent staining. You could use petroleum products to take out the stains but that may reduce the shine as well the lifespan of the soft top material.

On the other hand, ClearLidz tops require little to no maintenance at all. All you need to do is wash it when you wash your Jeep and the top will remain all shiny and will look as good as new even after years. Cleaning can be more lax as there is no fear of staining from normal use.

  • Life expectancy

The soft tops have a life expectancy of around three to four years. Doesn’t sound that bad unless you compare it to the life expectancy of ClearLidz tops, that of which could very well serve for a lifetime as long as you take good care of it. The ClearLid is  virtually weatherproof. Rain, sleet, snow, and even the scorching sun won’t hinder this top’s longevity.

  • Installation

Again, another setback for Jeep Wrangler soft tops is that their installation is a bit tricky. It might take you around 3 hours or more to set up, and even then, there’s a risk that it will not be a good fit. The fabric could end up flapping in the wind noisily due to a bad fit, which will be a nuisance and a distraction from your outdoors trek.

ClearLidz tops are quick and simple to install, fit perfect for the Jeep model specified, and can be detached in just minutes. The instructions for both installation and removal are very easy to follow.

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